About me

I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at Cardiff University.

My research interests are in ethics, including well-being, value, collective obligations, and effective altruism.

You can reach me at alex.dietz@gmail.com.

Here are the articles I’ve published:

“Collective Reasons and Agent-Relativity.” Utilitas, forthcoming.
“How to Use the Paradox of Hedonism.” Journal of Moral Philosophy, forthcoming.
“Are My Temporal Parts Agents?”. 2020. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 100 (2): 362–379.
“Explaining the Paradox of Hedonism.” 2019. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 97 (3): 497–510.
“Effective Altruism and Collective Obligations.” 2019. Utilitas 31 (1): 106–115.
“What We Together Ought to Do.” 2016. Ethics 126 (4): 955–982.