Alex Dietz


Explore the Greatest Books

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An app where users can explore a large ranking of great books. Built using React, Redux, and TypeScript, and styled using Bulma.

Diet Planner

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An app to help users plan a diet that fits with their bodybuilding goals, built using React and Redux, and styled using Bulma. User information is stored in MongoDB.

Local Brews

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A React/Redux app that helps users find and keep track of local breweries. The app retrieves brewery information from a third-party API, and stores user information in MongoDB.

Greatest Albums

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A full-stack Django app, using a PostgreSQL database, for exploring Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

Users can see album details, including other albums by the artist on the RS list; save albums they like or want to listen to; filter albums by decade or year; and filter out albums they’ve already saved.

Book Diary

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A full-stack app for keeping track of books, built in collaboration with Oksana Kalyniak and Anthony Kelly . The app is built using Express, Node.js, and EJS, and uses MongoDB to store user and book data.


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My own version of the popular browser-based puzzle game, built using JavaScript DOM manipulation.