Alex Dietz


New blog

This is my attempt at building a blog from scratch. It's part of a personal website for myself that I built this week using Django (the GitHub is here).

I wanted to be able to use a rich text editor when composing my posts, and found ckeditor, which turned out to be really easy to install; see this video for a walkthrough. The only other feature to speak of at the moment is tags—you can click the tag links at the top of the blog to see all posts that have a particular tag. I had written some editing features (creating/editing/deleting posts and tags), but decided to scrap them for now since I'm the only one who needs to do that stuff and I can just do it through the Django admin portal.

In the future, I might add the ability for users to create accounts, which would then mean I could restrict access to which users are able to see which posts. I might also enable users to comment on posts. And depending on how much I end up using this blog, I might add an "archives" page.

June 24, 2022, 5:04 p.m.