Writing philosophy

Added October 2020

Journal rankings: generalist; moral/political (1), (2)

How to publish a book

Tools: Scrivener


Brennan 2016:

  • Write for up to 4h/day, in the morning. (Silvia 2007: Schedule writing time in your calendar.) Aim to write for 20h/wk.
  • Write first, read second.
  • Always have projects at different stages. When you get tired or bored or stuck on one thing, switch to another.
  • Aim to have three papers under review at all times.
  • Other techniques:

  • Iterate: Write separate drafts. A draft is finished when you send it to someone for feedback. With a new draft, just try to improve on the previous draft rather than aiming for perfection. Expect as many as twenty drafts.
  • Use page breaks to rewrite sections as if from scratch rather than editing, but borrowing from the previous draft as needed.
  • Use a spreadsheet to keep track of journal submissions.
  • More advice: Brennan 2020, Mehta, Huemer

    Presenting your work

    Conferences and talks: PhilEvents, Philos-L

    How to give talks:

  • Effective communication: Alda 2017
  • Use a handout; Mumford method
  • Before the talk and Q+A: “slow and steady”